iMARS speaks at the EXP-DOC Group meeting of Frontex

iMARS was invited to present the project and some of its key activities at the EXP-DOC Group meeting of Frontex, on 5 October 2021.

The one hour session provided an introduction to the overall concept and project, an overview of the Differential Morphing Attack Detection (Juan Tapia, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences), Single image Morphing Attack Detection (Kiran Raja, Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and capability of human detectors (Froy Lovasdal, National Police Directorate of Norway).

The EXP-DOC Group is a formal network of 100 document experts advising and supporting Frontex operational activities in the identification, development and implementation of documents and identity initiatives, including the fight against identity and document fraud.                                

In the iMARS project, we are delighted to foster a close cooperation with Frontex. Frontex established in 2018 the Centre of Excellence for Combatting Document Fraud, to assist Member states in spotting and counteracting various illegal uses of fraudulent document.

Frontex also plays a crucial role in promoting and supporting border security research and innovation in Europe.