What is iMARS about?

The main goal of iMARS is to develop tools to detect manipulated face images, in particular morphed face images in the identity document life cycle and verify the authenticity of identity documents, as well as reduce the risk that European passports with a morphed or otherwise manipulated image can be issued within the European Union. See the complete list of our objectives on the Concept page.

What is the reason for this project?

The use of counterfeit travel documents is the reason for this project. This entails the risk of not identifying known criminals, including terrorists, or previously unknown subjects such as victims of human trafficking, due to manipulation of ID / travel documents.

What is morphing?

Morphing is the process of creating a new image by digitally merging the facial representations of two different parent images. 

What is image manipulation?

Image manipulation involves making changes to the appearance of an image for various purposes. This can be done by using beautification software, make-up, or even 3-D masks to disguise one’s true identity.

What is Manipulation Attack Detection?

The use of dedicated software or trained human operators to detect image manipulation.

What is ID document fraud?

ID document fraud is when a person fraudulently uses a false document or a genuine identity document. There are many different types of document fraud. See Concept and Objectives.

What will iMARS bring to EU citizens and travellers?

iMARS aims to deliver efficient and fast means to check ID documents for travellers. iMARS will revive societies’ confidence in the principle “one individual – one passport” and “one passport – one individual” by strengthening the chain of identity. 

Who works in iMARS?

The iMARS consortium comprises of 24 partners from 12 European countries. They are grouped in three categories: Academic, Industrial and SME (Small and Medium Enterprise), and Government Agency. See also iMARS Partners for a complete list of the partners working in iMARS.

Which other projects are related to iMARS?

Is iMARS providing an Automated Decision System?

No, IMARS is providing technology that is supporting human experts in their decision in an assisted manner. See also the Results & Impacts section.